Creation Adventures was birthed for two very simple reasons….

  1. It’s impossible to see the beauty of nature while fishing or hunting and not acknowledge it was all created by a loving GOD.
  2. While the hunt and catch brings great thrills, lasting memories are created in the fellowship of men in deer camps, bears camps, duck blinds, hunt lodges…….

Hunters and fishermen are very passionate about their pursuits. Creation Adventures was created to bring men together in the quest of their outdoor passions, along with acknowledging GOD who birthed all that fuels our “WILD SOULS”.

There’s no better place than NATURE to come together with a heart towards helping other men overcome life struggles. Those who have been there/done that – are well “ARMED” to share their success stories with others. Sometimes a man just needs to know that there are other men in the world who value them and desire their lives to be bountiful.

“Ministry” is one word used to describe our purpose. Another definition could simply be hunt group. Men coming together to seek their outdoors passions, while also providing an atmosphere of service to others; aka ministry. Part of our desire is to fill our hunt tags and live wells, but foremost is the desire to fill men’s lives with the love only available in a relationship with GOD.